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Please contact us to get start with your cake order

Cakes for all occasions. Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, we can do them all.

Give us a call. Let's get your sweet desire filled with cakes from Sky River Bakery.

We committed to bring the freshest and natural ingredients in our cakes.

Our cakes serve at its best at room temperature


Kick your wedding up a notch and keep your guests happy with our celebratory cakes - cake topper included. Sky River Bakery sincerely wishes you the best on your special day and beyond. We are delighted you are considering us as your partner in good taste. Browse our selection now and contact us to let us know what your dream cake should look and taste like. CONNECT WITH US!


Cupcake Closeup

For the Happy Couple

Our Tiered Cupcake Tower is intricately decorated to your dream wedding. Add your own personal flair to existing designs by sitting down with us. We will be sure to add any special touches to make your cake what you’ve always wanted it to be. Give us a call to get started.


JPEG image 8_edited.jpg

Photographers’ Favorite

Looking for a beautifully designed Tiered Wedding Cake? Our unique twist on this classic tastes just as delicious as it looks. We are happy to add custom touches to make it more personalized for the couples we work with. We will be happy to draw from your inspiration.

Give us a call to get started.


JPEG image.jpeg

On Your Special Day

Our Decorative Wedding Cake is catered to the specific needs of our customers, from the color and number of tiers to the ingredients and flavor. This cake has a natural flavor that melts in your mouth and will linger in your memory forever. Want to taste our special Decorative Wedding Cake for your special day?

Give us a call to get started..

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